Late 1996, we got it into our minds to go visit a demoscene party in Denmark, The Party 6. Although we had left our Commodore 64 days behind at that time, we were still sort of forming a group called “Heatwave”, making music on Amiga and PC.

We thought it would be cool to go to a big, popular party where demosceners of multiple platforms were present. So off we went (me, Hires, Yavin, Yanic and Yinxs), traveling in Hires’ car from Leiden in the Netherlands, to Aars in Denmark, some 900+ kilometers.

The trip on a map

The trip

Photo of Yanic, Hires and Yinxs with the car

Yanic, Hires and Yinxs underway up north

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Yavin, Yanic and me made a tune for the music competitions. It was probably the first time I made a tune that competed at a demoscene party. It was great to see my name on the big screen and hear the music echo through the big party hall during the competition.

Olohof '97 by me, 19th place in the multichannel music compo
Motown Funk by Yavin, 21st place in the 4-channel music compo
The Happy Party by Yanic, 23rd place in the 4-channel music compo

We didn’t end up very high in the charts. There was so much quality stuff we didn’t really make a chance, but it was a great experience to be selected and participate! The results of all the competitions can be checked out in the results.txt on the “The Party” homepage.

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{Photo of Youth/Heatwave and Mitch/Crest/Mitch&Dane

Me with Mitch of the duo Mitch & Dane, who won the number one prize in the Commodore 64 music competition with Gloria

Photo of Hires and Yavin behind their computers Photo of Hires sleeping under a table

Yavin and Hires eating and sleeping on the job. Sleeping on the premises was forbidden because of safety reasons, so we had to hide under the tables to get some rest.