It has been about 30 years since Yavin and I collaborated on a Commodore 64 tune, so to celebrate, here is a new tune!

This is our entry to the “Last Night” melody competition on the Commodore 64 Scene Database, which was organised by Stinsen. The challenge was to come up with a melody for a short little tune that Stinsen made.

This was the starting point:

Last night, by Stinsen

We had a lot of fun and learned a lot while making this tune, but we didn’t really expect to end up very high. We actually got into a neck-on-neck race to the top with our all time hero and SID music veteran Thomas “Laxity” Egeskov Petersen though! Finally, Thomas walked away with the well deserved #1 position, and we became second! Check out all the kind words we received on the Commodore 64 Scene Database.

Listen to Laxity’s winning entry.

You can check out our tune on DeepSID, or check out the little screen I coded to go with it on the Commodore 64: