This is our (me and my mate Afzel) entry to the X'97 Takeover surprise music competition.

The surprise element of the music competition is that we didn’t know what the competition was until shortly before the deadline. We were supplied with the samples to use in the tune, and some other limitations, which you can read in the information below.

According to that information we hurried through making this in less than half an hour, using Fasttracker II.

Surprise, by Yanic & Youth

We came second.

This is the surprise.nfo file that went with it:

Sparc and Heatwave proudly present :

 Yanic & Youth's X97 surprise music
       compo tune (2nd place)

When we found out what the surprise
music compo at X97 was, we quickly
made this and entered it. So if it
confuses you... it's ok it confuses
us too :) But anyway there were lots
of much worse tunes at the compo...
The surprise music compo was to
compose a tune of max 6 tracks and
2 minutes, using the samples supplied
on the X97 voting disk. These were
about 9 quite lame samples and we did
this tune in ehm... well at least no
more then half an hour ;) Cheers!