Retropixels is a cross-platform command line tool to convert images to a format that is supported by the legendary Commodore 64 (c-64) home computer. It can output images in the style of the c-64, and also executables that can be run on a real c-64.

Retropixels can be found on Github and in the npm repository

Moving towards a developer tool Link to heading

In this release, which is not backwards compatible, retropixels is moving more towards a developer tool for Commodore 64 fanatics. Some of the things that are supported:

  • Sprites
  • Output of hires pictures in Artstudio format
  • Pixel-perfect conversion (no scaling, no dithering)
  • Default output is Commodore 64 compatible data. .png and .prg are fancy extra’s. .prg support will probably be removed altogether soon and supported with a separate tool.