Pssst… I made the soundtrack to this Commodore 64 demo, but I did it incognito. Don’t tell anyone!

A friend of mine told me about a little side project he wanted to start on the demoscene, called Mahna Mahna, doing Muppetshow themed demos. He would do the coding under the handle “Statler”, and someone else would to the graphics as “Waldorf”. Could I do a cover of the tune “Mahna Mahna” that was made famous by The Muppetshow? Of course I would like to give that a go! I would have to come up with Muppets themed handle too, so I chose Animal, the weird and wild drummer in the Muppets band.

I am not a big fan of the version by The Muppetshow, but I do like the original by Piero Umiliani: